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Doxygen: port the PluginHowto page to markdown

This includes the relevant documentation from this wiki page:

into the source repository. Old and outdated sections have not been
ported; they will be left on the wiki page however.
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......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ Page | Description
[Environment Variables](@ref EnvironmentVariables) | Environment variables that affect application behavior.
[Major API Changes](@ref MajorAPIChanges) | Descriptions for major API changes.
[Plugin Howto](@ref PluginHowto) | Tutorial on using and creating Plugins.
[Proxy Hints And Annotations](@ref ProxyHints) | ServerManager XML hints for Proxies.
[Property Hints](@ref PropertyHints) | ServerManager XML hints for Properties.
[Proxy Documentation Formatting](@ref ProxyDocumentationFormatting) | Formatting options for proxy documentation.
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