Commit d00e1266 authored by Yohann Bearzi's avatar Yohann Bearzi
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Exposing vtkPartitionBalancer in ParaView.

Fixes #20802
parent a68185f7
......@@ -294,6 +294,7 @@
<Proxy group="filters" name="ParticlePath" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="ParticlePathLines" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="ParticleTracer" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="PartitionBalancer" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="PassArrays" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="PlotAttributes" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="PlotDataOverTime" />
......@@ -125,6 +125,48 @@
<ProxyGroup name="filters">
<!-- ==================================================================== -->
<SourceProxy class="vtkPartitionBalancer"
<Documentation short_help="Evens the number of partitions across ranks">
Evens the number of partitions across ranks, while discarding empty partitions of the input
There are two ways this filter will
balance the input. If Squash is selected, empty partitions are appended to
ranks having less partitions than the rank with the most partitions. If
Expand is selected, then the number of partitions in the output is equal
to the number of partitions if all partitions were sent to one rank.
For a given rank, the indices of non empty partitions in the output
map to empty partitions in every other ranks.
<InputProperty command="SetInputConnection"
<ProxyGroupDomain name="groups">
<Group name="sources" />
<Group name="filters" />
<DataTypeDomain name="input_type">
<DataType value="vtkDataSet" />
<Documentation>This property specifies the input.</Documentation>
<IntVectorProperty name="Mode"
<EnumerationDomain name="enum">
<Entry text="Expand"
value="0" />
<Entry text="Squash"
value="1" />
Set the method for balancing partitions
<!-- End PartitionBalancer -->
<!-- ==================================================================== -->
<SourceProxy class="vtkPProbeFilter"
label="Probe Location"
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