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Merge topic 'Add_SEPReader-GeometryFactory'


 Add a proxy for the  SEP Reader.
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# SEP Reader
Exposes the new VTK reader for Stanford Exploration Project (SEP) files.
SEP files are composed by a header file(.H) and a raw data file (.H@).
......@@ -8385,5 +8385,18 @@ series.
<SourceProxy name="SEPReader" class="vtkSEPReader" label="SEP Reader">
short_help="Stanford Exploration Project files reader."
long_help="This reader takes a .H file that points to a .H@ file and contains all the information to interpret the raw data in the .H@ file.">
<ReaderFactory extensions="H" file_description="SEP file (Plugin)"/>
<StringVectorProperty name="FileName" command="SetFileName" animateable="0" number_of_elements="1">
<FileListDomain name="files"/>
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