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category. For readers and writers, this is required since ParaView GUI
needs to know what extensions your reader/writer supports etc.
## Plugin Resources
Plugins may access resources relative to themselves by using the
`paraview_plugin_add_location` interface to get the location of the plugin at
runtime. Note that this only works when built as a shared plugin. For static
plugins, the path will come in as a `nullptr`. If a plugin with resources
intends to support resources, it is recommended to use a `.qrc` file to embed
the resources into the plugin.
For installation of resources, the `_paraview_build_plugin_directory` variable
contains the location of the plugin under the build and install prefixes. Build
resources may be placed under
`"${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/${_paraview_build_plugin_directory}"` and installed with
`DESTINATION "${_paraview_build_plugin_directory}"`. The plugin itself belongs
to the `${_paraview_build_PLUGINS_COMPONENT}` component, so resources should
generally use a component with a related name.
## Examples
### XML Plugins
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