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ResampleWithDataset: renamed input proxies

Input -> SourceDataArrays
Source -> DestinationMesh

These are hopefully more meaningful names.
parent df1c6125
# Renamed sources for **Resample With Dataset**
The source names have been clarified in the **Resample With Dataset** filter.
**Input** has been renamed **SourceDataArrays** and **Source** has been renamed
......@@ -624,6 +624,32 @@ struct Process_5_5_to_5_6
struct Process_5_6_to_5_7
bool operator()(xml_document& document) { return ConvertResampleWithDataset(document); }
static bool ConvertResampleWithDataset(xml_document& document)
// Change InputProperty names for the inputs to be a bit clearer.
pugi::xpath_node_set elements = document.select_nodes(
"//ServerManagerState/Proxy[@group='filters' and @type='ResampleWithDataset']");
for (auto iter = elements.begin(); iter != elements.end(); ++iter)
pugi::xml_node proxy_node = iter->node();
// Rename the Input property and change the name attribute.
pugi::xml_node input_node = proxy_node.find_child_by_attribute("Property", "name", "Input");
// Rename the Source property and change the name attribute.
pugi::xml_node source_node = proxy_node.find_child_by_attribute("Property", "name", "Source");
return true;
} // end of namespace
......@@ -714,6 +740,13 @@ bool vtkSMStateVersionController::Process(vtkPVXMLElement* parent, vtkSMSession*
version = vtkSMVersion(5, 6, 0);
if (status && (version < vtkSMVersion(5, 7, 0)))
Process_5_6_to_5_7 converter;
status = converter(document);
version = vtkSMVersion(5, 7, 0);
if (status)
std::ostringstream stream2;
......@@ -16074,12 +16074,13 @@ Every Nth Point.
label="Resample With Dataset"
<Documentation short_help="Sample data attributes at the points of a dataset.">
This filter takes two inputs - Input and Source, and samples the
point and cell values of Input on to the point locations of Source.
The output has the same structure as Source but its point data
have the resampled values from Input."
This filter takes two inputs - **Source Data Arrays**, and samples the
point and cell values of this input onto the point locations of the
**Destination Geometry** input. The output has the same structure as the
**Destination Geometry** input, but its point data has the resampled values from
the **Source Data Arrays**."
<InputProperty command="SetSourceConnection" name="Input">
<InputProperty command="SetSourceConnection" name="SourceDataArrays">
<ProxyGroupDomain name="groups">
<Group name="sources" />
<Group name="filters" />
......@@ -16091,7 +16092,7 @@ Every Nth Point.
<Documentation>This property specifies the dataset from which to obtain
probe values. The data attributes come from this dataset.</Documentation>
<InputProperty command="SetInputConnection" name="Source">
<InputProperty command="SetInputConnection" name="DestinationMesh">
<ProxyGroupDomain name="groups">
<Group name="sources" />
<Group name="filters" />
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