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Improve documentation for Integrate Variables filter

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......@@ -1050,9 +1050,19 @@
<Documentation long_help="This filter integrates cell and point attributes."
short_help="Integrates over lines, surfaces or vectors.">
The Integrate Attributes filter integrates point and cell
data over lines and surfaces. It also computes length of
lines, area of surface, or volume.</Documentation>
The Integrate Attributes filter integrates all point and cell data
attributes while computing the total length, area or volume. This filter
does not integrate point and cell data for 0-D cells (vertex and polyvertex).
If the input dataset has mixed dimensionality, only the cells of highest dimension
will be used for integration. Ex: In a dataset with lines, triangles
and hexahedra, the integration process will ignore contribution from
lines and triangles. When the highest dimension is 1, the sum
variable corresponds to the total length. Similarly, for 2-D and 3-D
integration the sum variable is the total area and total volume respectively.
The output of this filter is a single point and vertex. The attributes
for this point and vertex will contain the integration results for
the corresponding input attributes and the sum variable.
<InputProperty command="SetInputConnection"
<ProxyGroupDomain name="groups">
......@@ -1070,9 +1080,10 @@
This property specifies if the output data will be divided by the
volume/area computed for the integrated cells. If it is on, then each
value in the output cell data will be divided by the area/volume.
This option concerns the output cell data. If it is turned on, then each
value in the output cell data will be divided by the total length/area/volume.
If the dataset is distributed among MPI nodes, the total length/volume/area
is is the sum of the individual total contributions from all pieces.
<BooleanDomain name="bool"/>
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