Commit 887f335a authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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ParaViewPlugin: add a debugging facility

This largely mirrors VTK's module system debugging strategy, just with
different names.
parent 833f1b2c
......@@ -7,6 +7,35 @@ set(_ParaViewPlugin_cmake_dir "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}")
## Conditionally output debug statements
The `_paraview_plugin_debug` function is provided to assist in debugging. It is
controlled by the `_paraview_plugin_log` variable which contains a list of
"domains" to debug.
_paraview_plugin_debug(<domain> <format>)
If the `domain` is enabled for debugging, the `format` argument is configured
and printed. It should contain `@` variable expansions to replace rather than
it being done outside. This helps to avoid the cost of generating large strings
when debugging is disabled.
function (_paraview_plugin_debug domain format)
if (NOT _paraview_plugin_log STREQUAL "ALL" AND
NOT domain IN_LIST _paraview_plugin_log)
return ()
endif ()
string(CONFIGURE "${format}" _paraview_plugin_debug_msg)
if (_paraview_plugin_debug_msg)
"ParaView plugin debug ${domain}: ${_paraview_plugin_debug_msg}")
endif ()
endfunction ()
## Finding plugins
......@@ -170,6 +199,7 @@ function (paraview_plugin_scan)
# Use argument splitting.
string(REGEX REPLACE "( |\n)+" ";" _paraview_scan_plugin_args "${_paraview_scan_plugin_args}")
_paraview_plugin_parse_args(_paraview_scan_plugin_name ${_paraview_scan_plugin_args})
_paraview_plugin_debug(plugin "@_paraview_scan_plugin_name@ declared by @_paraview_scan_plugin_file@")
list(APPEND _paraview_scan_all_plugins
......@@ -195,11 +225,13 @@ function (paraview_plugin_scan)
endif ()
_paraview_plugin_debug(plugin "@_paraview_scan_plugin_name@ hidden by its `CONDITION`")
continue ()
endif ()
endif ()
if (_paraview_scan_enable_${_paraview_scan_plugin_name})
_paraview_plugin_debug(plugin "@_paraview_scan_plugin_name@ requested via cache value")
list(APPEND _paraview_scan_provided_plugins
list(APPEND _paraview_scan_required_modules
......@@ -416,6 +448,8 @@ function (paraview_plugin_build)
"The requested ${_paraview_build_plugin} plugin is not a ParaView plugin.")
endif ()
_paraview_plugin_debug(building "@_paraview_build_plugin@ is being built")
# Make a variable for where the plugin should go.
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