Commit 7908a60b authored by Cory Quammen's avatar Cory Quammen
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Expose CameraViewAngleInfo camera property in RenderView proxy

The CameraViewAngleInfo property needs to be exposed in the RenderView
proxy, otherwise camera linking will not include copying the camera
view angle between views.
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......@@ -2616,6 +2616,7 @@
<Property name="CameraFocalPoint" panel_visibility="never"/>
<Property name="CameraViewUpInfo" panel_visibility="never"/>
<Property name="CameraViewUp" panel_visibility="never"/>
<Property name="CameraViewAngleInfo" panel_visibility="never"/>
<Property name="CameraViewAngle" panel_visibility="never"/>
<Property name="CameraFocalDiskInfo" panel_visibility="never"/>
<Property name="CameraFocalDisk" panel_visibility="never"/>
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