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Documentation: Explain to reviewers how to fetch Merge Request changes

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into a real name and email address according to the user's GitLab
account profile.
#### Fetching Changes ####
One may fetch the changes associated with a merge request by using
the `git fetch` command line shown at the top of the Merge Request
page. It is of the form:
$ git fetch$username/paraview.git $branch
This updates the local `FETCH_HEAD` to refer to the branch.
There are a few options for checking out the changes in a work tree:
* One may checkout the branch:
$ git checkout FETCH_HEAD -b $branch
or checkout the commit without creating a local branch:
$ git checkout FETCH_HEAD
* Or, one may cherry-pick the commits to minimize rebuild time:
$ git cherry-pick ..FETCH_HEAD
### Robot Reviews ###
The "Kitware Robot" automatically performs basic checks on the commits
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