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Commit 690993db authored by Andy Cedilnik's avatar Andy Cedilnik
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Start ParaQ

A new CVS repository was created on 2005-09-27 to fork ParaView during
development of a Qt-based replacement for the Tcl/Tk GUI.  The "ParaQ"
repository began with a single subdirectory symbolic link to the main
ParaView repository.  ParaQ-specific files were added in sibling
directories to keep them outside the main ParaView during development.

The ParaQ repository was actually created on 2005-09-05 but no commits
outside the main ParaView repository were made until 2005-09-27.  The
latter date was the true fork point.  This commit was manufactured
during conversion from CVS to represent the fork as a branch.
parent 1f426096
[submodule "IceT"]
path = Utilities/IceT
path = ParaView/Utilities/IceT
url = git://paraview.org/IceT.git
[submodule "ParaViewData"]
path = Data
path = ParaView/Data
url = git://paraview.org/ParaViewData.git
[submodule "TclTk-8-4-5"]
path = Utilities/TclTk/TclTk8.4.5Win
path = ParaView/Utilities/TclTk/TclTk8.4.5Win
url = git://paraview.org/ParaViewTclTk.git
[submodule "VTK"]
path = VTK
path = ParaView/VTK
url = git://vtk.org/VTK.git
[submodule "Xdmf1"]
path = Utilities/Xdmf
path = ParaView/Utilities/Xdmf
url = git://paraview.org/Xdmf.git
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