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Note about adding baselines to CMakeLists.txt

Add a note about adding new baselines
to Applications/ParaView/Testing/XML/CMakeLists.txt
parent 3c50ed93
......@@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ cases, being your topic name with the issue number.
* Add it to CMakeLists.txt, probably in a TESTS_WITH_BASELINES section
* you can manually add `<pqcompareview>` for multiple image comparisons, then add to the TESTS_WITH_INLINE_COMPARES section
* Follow the [vtk instructions][] to add the baseline images, which live in `Testing/Data/Baseline/`.
* Add your new baseline images to the list in `Testing/XML/CMakeLists.txt`
* Add all testing files to your topic.
Some background is in the [testing design wiki](
# Increase icon size in render-view toolbar
* Increase the icon size in the render view toolbar from 12 pixels to 24 pixels, and add 24 pixel icons for the split-view buttons. Add a note about adding new testing baselines to CMakeLists.txt in the docs.
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