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### Testing ###
ParaView has a [buildbot]( instance watching for merge requests
to test. A developer must issue a command to buildbot to enable builds:
Do: test
The buildbot user (@buildbot) will respond with a comment linking to the CDash
results when it schedules builds.
The `Do: test` command accepts the following arguments:
* `--oneshot`
only build the *current* hash of the branch; updates will not be built
using this command
* `--stop`
clear the list of commands for the merge request
* `--superbuild`
build the superbuilds related to the project
* `--clear`
clear previous commands before adding this command
* `--regex-include <arg>` or `-i <arg>`
only build on builders matching `<arg>` (a Python regular expression)
* `--regex-exclude <arg>` or `-e <arg>`
excludes builds on builders matching `<arg>` (a Python regular
Multiple `Do: test` commands may be given in separate comments. A new `Do: test`
command must be explicitly issued for each branch update for which testing is
desired. Buildbot may skip tests for older branch updates that have not started
before a test for a new update is requested.
Builder names always follow this pattern:
* project: always `paraview` for paraview
* host: the buildbot host
* os: one of `windows`, `osx`, or `linux`
* libtype: `shared` or `static`
* buildtype: `release` or `debug`
* feature: alphabetical list of features enabled for the build
For a list of all builders, see:
* [paraview-expected](
* [paraview-superbuild](
* [paraview-experimental](
ParaView uses [GitLab CI][] to test merge requests, configured by the top-level
`.gitlab-ci.yml` file. Results may be seen both on the merge request's
pipeline page and on the [ParaView CDash Page][]. Filtered CDash results
showing just the pipeline's jobs can be reached by selecting the `cdash-commit`
job in the `External` stage of the pipeline. Note that due to GitLab changes,
the `External` stage may be in a separate pipeline for the same commit.
Lint build jobs run automatically after every push. Heavier jobs require a
manual trigger to run:
* Merge request authors may visit their merge request's pipeline and click the
"Play" button on one or more jobs manually. If the merge request has the
"Allow commits from members who can merge to the target branch" check box
enabled, ParaView maintainers may use the "Play" button too.
* [ParaView GitLab Project Developers][] may trigger CI on a merge request by
adding a comment with a command among the [comment trailing
Do: test
`@kwrobot` will add an award emoji to the comment to indicate that it
was processed and also trigger all manual jobs in the merge request's
The `Do: test` command accepts the following arguments:
* `--named <regex>`, `-n <regex>`: Trigger jobs matching `<regex>` anywhere
in their name. Job names may be seen on the merge request's pipeline page.
* `--stage <stage>`, `-s <stage>`: Only affect jobs in a given stage. Stage
names may be seen on the merge request's pipeline page. Note that the
names are determined by what is in the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file and may be
capitalized in the web page, so lowercasing the webpage's display name for
stages may be required.
* `--action <action>`, `-a <action>`: The action to perform on the jobs.
Possible actions:
* `manual` (the default): Start jobs awaiting manual interaction.
* `unsuccessful`: Start or restart jobs which have not completed
* `failed`: Restart jobs which have completed, but without success.
* `completed`: Restart all completed jobs.
If the merge request topic branch is updated by a push, a new manual trigger
using one of the above methods is needed to start CI again. Currently running
jobs will generally be canceled automatically.
[GitLab CI]:
[ParaView CDash Page]:
[ParaView GitLab Project Developers]:
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