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Revert "Removing D3 from the GUI"

This reverts commit 227e838a.
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......@@ -203,6 +203,7 @@
<Proxy group="filters" name="Curvatures" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="Cut" icon=":/pqWidgets/Icons/pqSlice.svg" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="CutEverything" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="D3" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="DataSetRegionSurfaceFilter" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="DataSetSurfaceFilter" />
<Proxy group="filters" name="DataSetTriangleFilter" />
......@@ -840,9 +840,7 @@
<Documentation long_help="Repartition a data set into load-balanced spatially convex regions. Create ghost cells if requested."
short_help="Repartition a data set.">
This filter is deprecated, please use Redistribute Data Set
and / or Generate Ghost Cells instead. The D3 filter is
short_help="Repartition a data set.">The D3 filter is
available when ParaView is run in parallel. It operates on
any type of data set to evenly divide it across the
processors into spatially contiguous regions. The output
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