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Plot Global Variables Over Time supports all field data

Fixes #20297.
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......@@ -1610,9 +1610,10 @@
<Documentation long_help="Extracts and plots data in field data over time."
short_help="Extracts and plots data in field data over time.">
This filter extracts the variables that reside in a
dataset's field data and are defined for all timesteps. Such variables
are generated by certain readers, like the Exodus reader.
Plot global data arrays stored in the input field data over time. Global data arrays
are identified as described. When connected to an Exodus reader, this filter can detect
Exodus global temporal data arrays and only plot those automatically. To disable this
auto-detection, turn off **AutoDetectGlobalTemporalDataArrays**.
<InputProperty command="SetInputConnection"
......@@ -1626,11 +1627,20 @@
<Documentation>The input from which the selection is
<IntVectorProperty name="AutoDetectGlobalTemporalDataArrays"
<BooleanDomain name="bool"/>
Automatically detect temporal global data arrays instead plot only such arrays.
Otherwise all single-tuple field data arrays in the input field data are plotted.
<!-- View can be used to specify the preferred view for the proxy -->
<View type="XYChartView" />
<Plotable />
<InitializationHelper class="vtkSMExtractSelectionProxyInitializationHelper" />
<!-- End ExtractFieldDatasOverTime -->
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