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Update docs to reflect change in merge policy.

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......@@ -351,12 +351,10 @@ convention, do not request a merge if any `-1` or `Rejected-by:`
review comments have not been resolved and superseded by at least
`+1` or `Acked-by:` review comments from the same user.
* Currently, developers authorized to do a merge request will be limited to those
who have **Master** privileges on the ParaView Gitlab repository. This preserves the
spirit of **Gatekeeper Review** in the previous development workflow. This decision
may be reevaluated in the future and lifted to encourage a more open development
Developers are encouraged to merge their own merge requests on review. However,
please do not merge unless you are available to address any dashboard issues that may
arise. Developers who repeatedly ignore dashboard issues following their merges may
loose developer privileges to the repository temporarily (or permanently)!
### Merge Success ###
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