Commit 06234dc8 authored by Shreeraj Jadhav's avatar Shreeraj Jadhav

Add ability to extract solid 3D output from vtkExtractCTHPart

Modified vtkExtractCTHPart class to add the ability to extract
3D solid fragments as output instead of contours, using a boolean
flag (GenerateSolidGeometry). Output format, in that case, is
vkUnstructuredGrid. Default state is off for this flag.
parent 33dd400b
......@@ -2213,6 +2213,16 @@ found and the point will be rejected.</Documentation>
are told not to triangulate results if possible.
<IntVectorProperty name="GenerateSolidGeometry"
panel_visibility="advanced" >
<BooleanDomain name="bool" />
Generate solid output with 3D cells. When set to false, 2D contours are generated.
<!-- End CTHPart -->
<!-- ==================================================================== -->
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Subproject commit c2d16d339385bf2f7dc51981fb34b854770eb7e9
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