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    Restructuring CoProcessing/Catalyst modules. · d582543b
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    To make it easier to develop adaptors externally, as well as add ability to
    enable/disable Python capabilities in Catalyst, we refactored the CoProcessing
    Two new modules were added vtkPVCatalyst and vtkPVPythonCatalyst. These two
    libraries/module provide the Catalyst components necessary for coprocessing.
    These also provide a C/Fortran API (through CAdaptorAPI/FortranAdaptorAPI or
    the Python enabled CPythonAdaptorAPI/FortranPythonAdaptorAPI headers) that can
    be used within C/Fortran simulation codes.
    Adaptors are now moved to CoProcessing/Adaptors. They have now been updated to
    be able to built outside of ParaView build directory i.e. users can directly
    point CMake to ParaView/CoProcessing/Adaptors/CTHAdaptor as the source directory
    to build the CTH-Adaptor. They will have to point to an existing ParaView build,
    of course, like any other ParaView dependent project.
    ParaView-build builds these adaptors as a separate project (similar to the way
    we build examples). This can be disabled by using the advanced cmake variable
    Also, fix static Python modules initialization. Added a new module in
    Utilities/PythonInitializer which exposes a C function to
    initialize Python modules for static executables. All executables now simply
    link against this one and call the initialization function to init Python.
    Change-Id: Icaacdf8a0d32e03742fbc302008c4ab45c40a22a
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