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    Refactoring ParaView application settings dialog. · b6eeb85e
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    Added new class pqSettingsDialog which is a settings dialog constructed
    by scanning all proxies registered under the "options" group. Created a
    new proxy ("options", "GeneralSettings") that is created during session
    initialization by vtkSMParaViewPipelineController. This keeps track of
    the general application settings for ParaView.
    Added mechanism in pqProxyWidget to look a "hint" on the proxy which
    says that the documentation should be used for labelling the widgets.
    Using that for the GeneralSettings proxy to construct a verbose settings
    panel. Currently, on pqIntVectorPropertyWidget respects that setting
    when construting label on its own. Otherwise, it works only when the
    pqPropertyWidget doesn't render the label on its own.
    Change-Id: Ide52f736748ab7a234307ab0b801b008de4e5703
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