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    Fix array association of pqArraySelectorPropertyWidget · 692b14d6
    Cory Quammen authored
    It was set to the domain association in the vtkSMArrayListDomain, but
    this corresponds to the original array association. However, that
    original array association is not always the one that is required by
    the source. E.g., the Contour filter requires "point" data arrays, and
    if the input contains cell data arrays and the AutoConvertProperties
    setting is enabled, cell data arrays will appear in the widget. Cell
    data arrays are not allowed by the Contour filter, and with the prior
    setup, cell data arrays would be passed to it. Instead, we need to
    pass the point data array that is autoconverted from the cell data
    To remedy this, change the array association to the field association
    from the vtkSMArrayListDomain. This ensures the required array type is
    set where applicable.
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