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    Refactoring how view types are created and registered with ParaView. · 7091737a
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This commits simplifies how views are added to ParaView. In past, we
    need to create a pqView subclass and then add that using
    pqViewModuleInterface implementation. After this change, one can add new
    view types by simply defining new proxy types under the "views" group.
    If you need to add a pqView subclass, or specify a pqView subclass to
    use with your new view type, simply use add_pqproxy() macro, instead of
    add_paraview_view_module() macro. Label used for the view is now
    garnered from the proxy itself (vtkSMProxy::GetXMLLabel()).
    Updating plugins, examples to use this new code.
    Removed pqStandardViewModules since it's no longer relevant. If you're
    using that class, simply remove it from your code and ParaView will
    continue to work as expected.
    Moved view XML definitions that were "internal" to "internal_views"
    group. This keeps the list of "available" views clean. Plugins may have
    to be updated if they are using "ViewBase" proxy definition.
    Change-Id: I15b329ea13ce526ca3c1fe016da0201ac5826355
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