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    Adding OpenTURNS feature · 2a926af3
    Mathieu Westphal authored
    This commits adds multiple OpenTURNS related
    features, including
     * A new PARAVIEW_USE_OPENTURNS cmake option to turn on to use these features
     * A dedicated xml for some OpenTURNS filters
     * An extension to the PlotMatrixView for DensityMap capabilities
     * vtkPVHistogramView changes to support the display of OpenTurns filter output in it
     * vtkPVPlotMatrixRepresentation changes to support OpenTURNS features
     * Correction to vtkPVHistogramRepresentation to handle CenterBinAndAroundMax
     * Changes in PlotMatrixRepresentation default values to improve its look and feel
     * Modifications in Chart Management to display automatically line chart in the correct corner
     * Adding a ShowOneRepresentationAtATime xml hint
     * Adding related tests
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