Commit c8006d9a authored by Shawn Waldon's avatar Shawn Waldon Committed by Kitware Robot

Merge topic 'fix-qt-plugins'

13233e55 windows: restore qt plugin packaging logic
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Reviewed-by: Ben Boeckel's avatarBen Boeckel <>
Merge-request: !401
parents 3d9aa440 13233e55
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......@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ if (paraviewweb_enabled)
endif ()
foreach (qt5_plugin_path IN LISTS qt5_plugin_paths)
get_filename_component(qt5_plugin_group "${qt5_plugin_path}" DIRECTORY)
get_filename_component(qt5_plugin_group "${qt5_plugin_group}" NAME)
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