Commit 6a9c8826 authored by Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar Utkarsh Ayachit
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update ipsc to 1.9.2

this brings in vs2015 support.
parent 1033d509
if (ispc_enabled AND NOT MSVC12) if (ispc_enabled AND NOT MSVC14 AND NOT MSVC12)
message(FATAL_ERROR "The ispc project requires Visual Studio 2013.") message(FATAL_ERROR "The ispc project requires Visual Studio 2013 or 2015.")
endif () endif ()
include("${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/../ispc.cmake") include("${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/../ispc.cmake")
...@@ -86,16 +86,23 @@ superbuild_set_revision(socat ...@@ -86,16 +86,23 @@ superbuild_set_revision(socat
URL "" URL ""
URL_MD5 334e46924f2b386299c9db2ac22bcd36) URL_MD5 334e46924f2b386299c9db2ac22bcd36)
set(ispc_version "1.9.1") set(ispc_version "1.9.2")
if (WIN32) if (WIN32)
set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}") if (MSVC12)
set(ispc_md5 "ae836b2cb4b7610e92a84fb1feaef72f") # for VS2013, we use older version of ISPC
set(ispc_version "1.9.1")
set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}")
set(ispc_md5 "ae836b2cb4b7610e92a84fb1feaef72f")
else ()
set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}")
set(ispc_md5 "3bcfab1e48b64be2cd160e14eaa2f9ab")
elseif (APPLE) elseif (APPLE)
set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}-osx.tar.gz") set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}-osx.tar.gz")
set(ispc_md5 "6f9b6524d7a96c1be728b1b0a9158360") set(ispc_md5 "387cce62a6c63def5e6eb1c0a468a3db")
else () else ()
set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}-linux.tar.gz") set(ispc_file "${ispc_version}-linux.tar.gz")
set(ispc_md5 "5d801d90bafaf9800cfbeab18a33a58f") set(ispc_md5 "0178a33a065ae65d0be00be23871cf9f")
endif () endif ()
superbuild_set_revision(ispc superbuild_set_revision(ispc
URL "${ispc_file}" URL "${ispc_file}"
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