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category in the \ui{Properties} panel.}
\section{\texttt{Custom Keyboard Shortcuts}}
\caption{The \ui{Custom Shortcuts Dialog} allows you to set custom keyboard
shortcuts for menu items in any of the ParaView application menus.}
You can set custom keyboard shortcuts for any menu item in \paraview's menus. To do this
open the \ui{Customize Shortcuts Dialog} with the \menu{Tools > Customize Shortcuts...} shown
in Figure~\ref{fig:CustomShortcutsDialog}.
Select the menu item to change from the tree of menu items displayed (or search for it with
the search box at the top of the dialog). Press the \ui{Record} button followed by the
keyboard shortcut to assign to the selected menu item to set the keyboard shortcut. To
remove the keyboard shortcut from a menu item you can use the \ui{Clear} button. To
reset a shortcut you have customized to the default press the \ui{Reset} button. You can
reset the shortcuts for all menu items at once wit the \ui{Reset All} button.
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