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......@@ -1204,6 +1204,29 @@ that, instead of rendering lines for each series, this view renders bars. In add
under the display properties, the \ui{Series Parameters} like \ui{Line Style} and
\ui{Line Thickness} are not available, since they are not applicable to bars.
\section{Box Chart View}
\caption{\paraview using \ui{Box Chart View} to plot the
box chart for a dataset using the \ui{Compute Quartiles} filter.}
Box plot is a standard method for graphically depicting groups of statistical
data based on their quartiles. A box plot is represented by a box with the
following properties: the bottom of the rectangle corresponds to the first
quartile, a horizontal line inside the rectangle indicates the median and the
top of the rectangle corresponds to the third quartile. The maximum and minimum
values are depicted using vertical lines that extend from the top and the bottom
of the rectangle.
In ParaView, the \ui{Box Chart View} can be used to display such box plots through
the \ui{Compute Quartiles} filter which computes the statistical data needed by
the view to draw the box plots.
\section{Plot Matrix View}
......@@ -1260,7 +1283,20 @@ between columns in a table.}
Like \ui{Plot Matrix View}, \ui{Parallel Coordinates View} is also used to
visualize correlations between data arrays. \fixme{add images and more text}
visualize correlations between data arrays.
One of the main features of this view is the ability to select specific data in order to analyse
the factors influencing the data. e.g., with a table of three variables, one being the "output" variable
the other two being the potential factor influencing the first, selecting only the output will enable you
to see if none, one, or both of the factors are actually influencing the output.
\caption{High ``S'' data point are influenced more by low ``Ks'' than high ``Q''}
\section{Spreadsheet View}
......@@ -1302,6 +1338,12 @@ in other views, this \ui{SpreadSheet View} will update to only show the values
of the selected elements (as long as the dataset selected in are indeed being shown
in the view).
Some filters and readers produce \texttt{vtkTable}, and they are automatically displayed
in a spreadsheet view. Thus, one can very easily read the contents of a .csv file
with ParaView.
\section{Slice View}
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