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Adding AnimationShortcut doc

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......@@ -78,6 +78,16 @@ displayed in the track, but we can easily see that there are four keyframes
spaced throughout the animation. The vertical lines in the tracks themselves may
be dragged, so you can easily adjust the time at which each keyframe occurs.
You can quickly add a simple animation track and edit the keyframe without using the \ui{Animation View} by using \ui{Animation Shortcut}.
First, enable \ui{Show Animation Shortcut } from \ui{Settings} dialog (on the \ui{General} tab, search for the option by name or switch to advanced view).
Then, several of the animatable properties on the \ui{Properties} panel will have a \icon{Images/pqVcrPlay24.png} icon.
Click this icon to add a new animation track for this property and edit it.
\section{Animation View header}
The \ui{Animation View} has a header-bar that lets you control some properties of the
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