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Contributing to ParaView Guide - Community Edition
Contritbutions are always welcome. There are several ways of contributing.
1. You can may your contributions through **[merge requests][]** made to this [GitLab][]
2. You can also post your edits to the [Mailing List][], coordinating with any of
the ParaView developers to get your updates in.
3. Alternatively, you can also post your text changes directly on a new issue on the
[issue tracker] or in a [snippet].
For those interested in making changes through the **[merge requests][]**, the workflow
is as follows:
1. Register with [GitLab Access] to create an account and select a user name.
2. [Fork ParaViewGuide-CE][] into your user's namespace on GitLab.
3. Clone the repository:
$ git clone ParaViewGuide
$ cd ParaViewGuide
The main repository will be configured as your `origin` remote.
4. Add your fork as a the `gitlab` remote.
$ git remote add gitlab
You can use configure the remote to use SSH access instead, if needed.
5. Edit files and create commits (repeat as needed):
$ git checkout -b my-topic origin/master
$ edit file1 file2 file3
$ git add file1 file2 file3
$ git commit
6. Push commits in your topic branch to your fork in GitLab:
$ git push gitlab HEAD
7. Visit your fork in GitLab, browse to the "**Merge Requests**" link on the
left, and use the "**New Merge Request**" button in the upper right to
create a Merge Request.
Please refer to [ContributorNotes.tex][] to guidelines on contributing content
for the guide.
[merge requests]:
[Mailing List]:
[ParaView Git]:
[ContributorNotes.tex]: ParaView/ContributorNotes.tex
[GitLab Access]:
[Fork ParaViewGuide-CE]:
[issue tracker]:
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The ParaView Guide (Community Edition)
This repository contains the *LaTeX* files for the **Community Edition** of
**The ParaView Guide** and **ParaView Catalyst User's Guide**.
You can download the PDF for the latest release or buy a printed version of
**The ParaView Guide** [online][ParaView Books]. In addition to the chapters in
the *Community Edition*, the printed versions include 3 extra chapters that
cover using ParaView for CFD analysis, AMR processing, and case-studies.
The guide will be updated with each significant release of ParaView.
Versions of the guide for specific ParaView releases starting with ParaView 4.3.1
can be found [here][tags].
[ParaView Books]:
**The ParaView Guide (Community Edition)** and
**ParaView Catalyst User's Guide** are released under [CC BY 4.0][].
The printed editions of **The ParaView Guide** are released under [CC BY-ND 4.0][].
[CC BY 4.0]:
[CC BY-ND 4.0]:
Build Instructions
This is **CMake** based project and can be built similar to ParaView. We use **LaTeX**
for typesetting the guides. Thus, unless you are familiar with setting up LaTeX on your system,
you may want to simply download the pregenerated PDF from the [ParaView homepage][ParaView Books].
1. Clone the repository
$ git clone ParaViewGuide
The main repository will be configured as your `origin` remote.
2. Run CMake. This step requires you have LaTeX (and necessary modules) installed
on your system. You can turn **ENABLE_PARAVIEW_GUIDE** (default: ON) and/or
**ENABLE_CATALYST_USERS_GUIDE** (default: OFF) ON or OFF based on your preference.
On Unix-based systems, the steps are:
$ mkdir ParaViewGuildBuild
$ cmake <PATH>/ParaViewGuide
$ make
3. On successful build, the **ParaView/ParaViewUsersGuide.pdf** and/or
**ParaViewCatalyst/ParaViewCatalystUsersGuide.pdf** will be generated based
on the options you chose in Step 2.
Note that Step 2 can take a long time, especially *rendering* the images.
To speed things, you can edit [ParaViewUsersGuide.tex][] file to change
the documentclass mode to `[draft]`.
This will generate the the draft PDF without any images.
[ParaViewUsersGuide.tex]: ParaView/ParaViewUsersGuide.tex
Reporting Bugs
1. If you have a edits or updates, please see [][] document.
2. For build issues and other inquiries, please join the
[ParaView Mailing List][].
2. You can also report issues or errata on the [issue tracker][].
[issue tracker]:
[ParaView Mailing List]:
See [][] for instructions to contribute.
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