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Here you will find some sample materials for OSPRay path traced
wood.jpg is creative commons (CC0) copyright (no rights reserved)
many thanks to for creating and publishing it
All textures used are creative commons (CC0) copyright (no rights reserved)
checker.png is also CC0. It was created by Kitware within ParaView.
scratched is free to use. It was geenerated by Kitware from
Allegorithmic's substance material:
Link to textures found online and their CC0 source are below:
Metal_brushed.jpg -
Metal_cast.jpg -
Solar_Panel_* -
Carbon_Fiber_* -
Plastic_White_* -
Plastic_Dark_* -
Plastic_Orange_* -
Fabric_Green_* -
Fabric_Orange_* -
Fabric_Tan_* -
Fabric_Camo_* -
Camo_Mesh_* -
Camo_Dull_basecolor.jpg - modified from
Cork_* -
Particle_Board_001_* -
Concrete_1_* -
Concrete_2_* -
Asphalt -
Brick_Wall_1_* -
Brick_Wall_2_* -
Sand_* -
Snow_* -
Ground_Dirt_* -
Ground_Wet_* -
Water_* -
Additional Textures that were created by development team and are also CC0:
checker.png - Created by Kitware within ParaView.
METAL_scratched_* - Generated by Kitware from Allegorithmic's substance material:
Circuit_Board_* - Made by Marston Conti and is free to use for whatever purpose
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