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clarify on name lookup for overloaded virtural function

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......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@ public:
bool GetUseFloat() const { return this->UseFloat; }
void SetUseFloat(bool flag) { this->UseFloat = flag; }
using vtkm::filter::NewFilter::Execute; // bring overloads of Execute into name lookup
vtkm::cont::DataSet Execute(const vtkm::cont::DataSet& input) override;
......@@ -230,10 +230,27 @@ namespace filter
/// Implementations of Filter subclass can also override
/// `DetermineNumberOfThreads()` to provide implementation specific heuristic.
/// \subsection FilterNameLookup Using Declaration
/// In some cases, the compiler is unable to find the overloads of `Execute` and tries to call
/// `Execute(DataSet&)` while passing a `PartitionedDataSet` or vice versa. The solution
/// is to use a using-declaration in the subclass definition. For example:
/// \subsection FilterNameLookup Overriding Overloaded Functions
/// The rule of name lookup for inherited, overloaded functions dictates us to either override
/// none of the overloads or all of them. Since we have two overloads of `Execute`, implementation
/// of a NewFilter subclass needs to override both of them. In most uses cases, we intend to only
/// override the `Execute(DataSet&)` overload, such as
/// \code{cpp}
/// class FooFilter : public NewFilter
/// {
/// ...
/// vtkm::cont::DataSet Execute(const vtkm::cont::DataSet& input) override;
/// ...
/// }
/// \endcode
/// However, the compiler will stop the name lookup process once it sees the
/// `FooFilter::Execute(DataSet)`. When a user calls `FooFilter::Execute(PartitionedDataSet&)`,
/// the compiler will not find the overload from the base class `NewFilter`, resulting in failed
/// overload resolution. The solution to such a problem is to use a using-declaration in the
/// subclass definition to bring the `NewFilter::Execute(PartitionedDataSet&)` into scope for
/// name lookup. For example:
/// \code{cpp}
/// class FooFilter : public NewFilter
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