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      Merge topic 'prep-vtk-drop-python2' · c4921665
      Ben Boeckel authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      6b784703 python: remove references to python2 behavior
      f3fb809c python: remove unused imports
      d87e7371 python: remove Python2 compatibility imports
      8653b9b8 python: remove usages of `PyInt_` compatibility defines
      81e57f44 python: remove usages of `PyString_` compatibility defines
       cmake: remove valgrind suppression file
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Cory Quammen's avatarCory Quammen <cory.quammen@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6124
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      Add CI Job for translations artifacts · 0f4507fa
      NicolasB authored
      New job to keep the translation source files
      as artifacts from ParaView sources.
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      Fix .merged_only CI rule · 4e7d51e0
      NicolasB authored
      .merged_only rule used to make
      the job available on MRs
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      Fix call to pvserver argument · 3c708c86
      NicolasB authored
      -sp argument is deprecated and --sp
      shall be used instead.
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      VTK: OpenXR/OpenVR updates · 154945b2
      Mathieu Westphal authored
      * Spiros Tsalikis: 'fix contouring cell data'
        * 9d88c0d119 vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Set selected array as active scalars
        * d5d492b8a5 vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Don't promote arrays to float
        * 8945162b33 vtkCellDataToPointData: Remove leftover from old MR.
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9850
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'feature/ImproveTupleInterpolationSpeed'
        * c33e9df96b Improve vtkTupleInterpolator speed
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9792
      * David Gobbi: 'update python tests'
        * 6e618a1a9c Add dev note for update-python-tests
        * 47360cd8f3 Update utility Python scripts for vtkmodules
        * 519316fe11 Update the Python tests for remaining modules
        * 19a7d11768 Update the Python tests in Interaction
        * 61e9d6730f Update the Python tests in Rendering
        * 9286f1885d Update the Python tests in IO
        * 53c9d0bc96 Update the Python tests in Imaging
        * 2098c26a73 Update the Python tests in Filters
        * ...
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9830
      * Mathieu Westphal: 'enable openxr ci'
        * bddd94efd3 Improve OpenVR/OpenXR module and test and enable OpenXR in CI
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9791
      * Julien Fausty: 'volume average c2p open foam'
        * 07ee8e07c0 add changelog for SizeAverageCellToPoint in OpenFOAMReader
        * 4da4069d55 add test for cell size weighted average in OpenFOAM reader
        * db6b6158e8 add size weighted cell to point option in OpenFOAMReader
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9806
      * Caitlin Ross: 'fides bug fixes'
        * 0300732c9a fides: improve RequestInformation()
        * ad8c6b6bf1 fides: fixing time step issue in random access mode
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9805
      * Spiros Tsalikis: '64 to 32'
        * 6d5c01109e Fixed 64 to 32 bit truncations of vtkIdType to smaller types
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9848
      * Thomas Galland: 'groundedMovementFix'
        * 1ca340aad3 Fix grounded movement with OpenXR
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9818
      * David Gobbi: 'remove unneeded abi namespace'
        * ecedd3b406 Remove ABI namespace from inside of std namespace
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9843
      * Will Schroeder: 'BandedFilter InputImprovements'
        * c36943060d Reworked filter for point scalar support; using vtkNew
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9840
      * Yohann Bearzi: 'callback warning'
        * 1cf46587c3 TestThreadedCallbackQueue: removing some warnings from tidy
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9841
      * Spiros Tsalikis: 'delegate to fast contour filters'
        * 254f47d792 vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Interpolate Cell Data
        * 9baa5c5e80 vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Use active scalars if array has no name
        * 63adce266d vtkFlyingEdges3D: Interpolate also CellData
        * 04311d6d67 Add changelog
        * 5008ea905f vtkContourFilter: Delegate to vtkFlyingEdges2D/3D and vtkContour3DLinearGrid
        * 143aaa891b vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Use ArrayDispatch
        * 94b15ea437 vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Remove duplicate code present in ProcessPiece
        * f6aa9015aa vtkContour3DLinearGrid: Use vtkSet/GetMacro for OutputPointsPrecision
        * ...
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9687
      * Spiros Tsalikis: 'improve resample to image'
        * b96bae2703 vtkIdList: Optimize SetNumberOfIds/Allocate
        * 4fb6070a5b vtkCellArray: Improve GetCellAtId when vtkIdList is used
        * f7b8baa4fe Add changelog
        * 15527a6e8a vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter: Remove usage of cellIterators
        * cebe7e08ce vtkHexahedron: Optimize InterpolationFunctions and InterpolationDerivs
        * 5f21168186 vtkProbeFilter: Skip processed points
        * 3b7e507a2c Remove usage of pow function for better performance
        * 1a07bf6e2b vtkProbeFilter: Use SetTuple to avoid using InsertTuple
        * ...
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9742
      * Timothee Chabat: 'improve memory management'
        * 89b0bea536 vtkLabeledContourMapper: fix leak with complex pipelines
        * 2808cfd1c1 vtkLabeledContourMapper: fix out of bounds access
        * 01bd579329 vtkLabeledContourMapper: syntax improvement
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9839
      * David Gobbi: 'fix python override check'
        * cc1dc63a6d Use 'override' for Python test interactor
        * ed84c0269d Fix Python overrides that use existing name
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9838
      * Ben Boeckel: 'abi3 prep'
        * 5c007a2272 TestSelectPolyDataFilter: support Python2
        * 942f7a3910 Wrapping/PythonCore: note that heap type detection needs work
        * 6fbd34227a Wrapping/PythonCore: use stable `PyUnicode_` APIs
        * 2d91f01186 Wrapping/PythonCore: use `PyList_` APIs
        * 902ca71be0 Wrapping/PythonCore: use `PyByteArray_` APIs
        * 6c27b4ccf0 Wrapping/PythonCore: use `PyBytes_` functions
        * de972c35a6 Wrapping/PythonCore: use `PyTuple_` functions
        * 7279a171bd Wrapping/PythonCore: use `vtkPythonUtil::StripModule*`
        * ...
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9752
      * Spiros Tsalikis: 'fix lagrange curve surface'
        * 07d1b14f81 Add TestLagrangeCurveNonLinearLevel
        * bf320b73ef vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter: Fix segmentation fault
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9832
      * Yohann Bearzi: 'meta callback queue'
        * 4dbf214aff vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: passing lambda parameters as captures
        * 2124007316 vtkThreadedCallbackQueue: fixing behavior of Invoker
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9835
      * David Thompson: 'cell grid'
        * 8e78b5a825 Add rendering for the `vtkCellGrid` data object.
        * 656901d0ff Add `vtkCellGrid`, a new subclass of `vtkDataObject`.
        * bc64fc97e1 Add facilities for template-based type introspection.
        * e73630ef3d Add a string token class for hashing strings...
        * ab39501733 Make `vtkInteractorStyle::OnChar` ignore ctrl and alt modifiers.
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9499
      * Christos Tsolakis: 'progress updates'
        * 174db1d8e1 vtkContourFilter: Handle progress updates for unstructured grids
        * 368bd707ee vtkThreshold: Split the reported progress by step
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9836
      * Timothee Chabat: 'multi viewport charts fix'
        * 7bc9c6c40d Make charts adhere to viewport constraints.
        * Merge-request: vtk/vtk!9811
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      Ignore editable text in translatability testing · 8ec866df
      NicolasB authored
      Avoid numerous CI problems with text fields
      with axis or user defined text
    • NicolasB's avatar
      Ignore editable text in translatability testing · a57a8cb7
      NicolasB authored
      Avoid numerous CI problems with text fields
      with axis or user defined text
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      Update for VRInitialized · 3104dbe3
      Mathieu Westphal authored
    • Mathieu Westphal's avatar
      Update usage of action manifest · ef7c9576
      Mathieu Westphal authored
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      Merge topic 'fixXRCropPlanesPosition' · 32cc804f
      Tiffany Chhim authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      c1b06172 XRInterface: Fix initial position for crop planes and thick crops widgets
       vtkPVXRInterfaceWidgets: Clean up class and add missing documentation
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Mathieu Westphal's avatarMathieu Westphal <mathieu.westphal@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Lucas Givord's avatarLucas Givord <lucas.givord@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6120
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      Merge topic 'UseCorrectVerbosity' · b6eb3c3c
      Nicolas Vuaille authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
       Remove incorrect vtklogger verbosity usage
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Lucas Givord's avatarLucas Givord <lucas.givord@kitware.com>
      Reviewed-by: Tiffany Chhim's avatarTiffany Chhim <tiffany.chhim@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6122
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