1. 02 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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      Fix issue of getting pointer from std::vector of size 0 · 66a4a23e
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      C++11 introduced the `std::vector::data()` method. In addition to being
      more syntatically pleasing, it should correctly handle the condition
      when the `std::vector` is size 0 and therefore has no real pointer.
      (Expressions like `&v[0]` are undefined when the `vector` is empty.)
  2. 01 Sep, 2020 5 commits
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  7. 25 Aug, 2020 3 commits
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      Make Storage class completely stateless · 0cc0f3f9
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The old style `ArrayHandle` stored most of its state, including the
      data, in the `vtkm::cont::internal::Storage` object (templated to the
      type of array). The new style of `ArrayHandle` stores the data itself in
      `Buffer` objects, and recent changes to `Buffer` allow metadata to be
      stored there, too.
      These changes make it pretty unnecessary to hold any state at all in the
      `Storage` object. This is good since the sharing of state from one type
      of `ArrayHandle` to another (such as by transforming the data), can be
      done by just sharing the `Buffer` objects.
      To reinforce this behavior, the `Storage` object has been changed to
      make it completely stateless. All the methods of `Storage` must be
      marked as `static`.
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      Merge topic 'new-arrayhandle-macro' · c907ce64
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      b526c4c9 Make VTKM_ARRAY_HANDLE_NEW_STYLE macro
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !2237
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      Make VTKM_ARRAY_HANDLE_NEW_STYLE macro · b526c4c9
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      While in the transition between two types of `ArrayHandle`
      implementations, we need to declare when an `ArrayHandle` is implemented
      with the new style. To consolidate, create a
      `VTKM_ARRAY_HANDLE_NEW_STYLE` to override the default `ArrayHandle`
      implementation with the `ArrayHandleNewStyle` implementation.