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    Optionally remove all use of ArrayHandleVirtual · 63ef84ed
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    As we remove more and more virtual methods from VTK-m, I expect several
    users will be interested in completely removing them from the build for
    several reasons.
    1. They may be compiling for hardware that does not support virtual
    2. They may need to compile for CUDA but need shared libraries.
    3. It should go a bit faster.
    To enable this, a CMake option named `VTKm_NO_DEPRECATED_VIRTUAL` is
    added. It defaults to `OFF`. But when it is `ON`, none of the code that
    both uses virtuals and is deprecated will be built.
    Currently, only `ArrayHandleVirtual` is deprecated, so the rest of the
    virtual classes will still be built. As we move forward, more will be
    removed until all virtual method functionality is removed.
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