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......@@ -114,11 +114,10 @@ The `paraviewweb` project adds web services into the resulting package.
The `paraviewgettingstartedguide`, and `paraviewtutorialdata` packages add
startup documentation and example data to the package.
ParaView supports multiple rendering engines including `egl`, `mesa`,
`osmesa`, and `qt5`. All of these are incompatible with each other. If none of
these are chosen, a UI-less ParaView will be built (basically just
`pvpython`). On Windows and macOS, only the `qt5` rendering engine is
Paraview supports either OpenGL or EGL as rendering engine.
The frontends supported are Qt5 for OpenGL, and Mesa and OSMesa for both OpenGL and EGL.
Qt5 is the only frontend for Windows and macOS; frontends are mutually exclusive for Linux.
A ParaView built without Qt5 will have no user interface, hence no `paraview` executable.
The `python` package is available to enable Python support in the package. In
addition, the `matplotlib` and `numpy` packages are available.
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