Commit dd873734 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly Committed by Brad King

SystemTools: Remove some unnecessary c_str() calls

Change-Id: I2323e5b6ec35948f6f3ba8967369969e475f4e02
parent 88c5a768
......@@ -4918,8 +4918,8 @@ void SystemTools::ClassInitialize()
// Strip off one directory level and see if the logical
// mapping still works.
pwd_str = SystemTools::GetFilenamePath(pwd_str.c_str());
cwd_str = SystemTools::GetFilenamePath(cwd_str.c_str());
pwd_str = SystemTools::GetFilenamePath(pwd_str);
cwd_str = SystemTools::GetFilenamePath(cwd_str);
Realpath(pwd_str.c_str(), pwd_path);
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