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CONTRIBUTING: Add a section on coding style

Document that we now define our coding style with `clang-format`.

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......@@ -24,6 +24,19 @@ KWSys has no independent issue tracker. After encountering an issue
Otherwise please report the issue to the tracker for the project that
hosts the copy of KWSys in which the problem was found.
Code Style
We use `clang-format`_ to define our style for C++ code in the KWSys source
tree. See the `.clang-format`_ configuration file for our style settings.
Use ``clang-format`` version 3.8 or higher to format source files.
See also the `clang-format.bash`_ script.
.. _`clang-format`:
.. _`.clang-format`: .clang-format
.. _`clang-format.bash`: clang-format.bash
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