Commit a93bc28c authored by bdvd's avatar bdvd Committed by Brad King
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SystemTools: Drop unnecessary .c_str()

The `Realpath` function takes `std::string`.
parent 6e36d909
......@@ -4738,7 +4738,7 @@ void SystemTools::ClassInitialize()
// Test progressively shorter logical-to-physical mappings.
std::string cwd_str = cwd;
std::string pwd_path;
Realpath(pwd_str.c_str(), pwd_path);
Realpath(pwd_str, pwd_path);
while (cwd_str == pwd_path && cwd_str != pwd_str) {
// The current pair of paths is a working logical mapping.
cwd_changed = cwd_str;
......@@ -4748,7 +4748,7 @@ void SystemTools::ClassInitialize()
// mapping still works.
pwd_str = SystemTools::GetFilenamePath(pwd_str);
cwd_str = SystemTools::GetFilenamePath(cwd_str);
Realpath(pwd_str.c_str(), pwd_path);
Realpath(pwd_str, pwd_path);
// Add the translation to keep the logical path name.
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