Commit a02a1ad2 authored by Ådne Hovda's avatar Ådne Hovda Committed by Brad King

SystemInformation: Fix compilation on HP-UX 11.11 hppa

Some older versions of HP-UX do not define CPU_IA64_ARCHREV_0, but
CPU_HP_INTEL_EM_1_0 resolves to the same constant (in

Change-Id: I20f9a161ef62277069a5ba0d339ca09d972a9bae
parent b2fd7da5
......@@ -5012,7 +5012,12 @@ bool SystemInformationImplementation::QueryHPUXProcessor()
case CPU_PA_RISC2_0:
this->ChipID.Vendor = "Hewlett-Packard";
this->ChipID.Family = 0x200;
# ifdef CPU_HP_INTEL_EM_1_0
case CPU_HP_INTEL_EM_1_0:
# endif
# ifdef CPU_IA64_ARCHREV_0
case CPU_IA64_ARCHREV_0:
# endif
this->ChipID.Vendor = "GenuineIntel";
this->Features.HasIA64 = true;
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