Commit 2581cfd1 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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SystemTools: Update EnableMSVCDebugHook to simulate "Retry"

Update our report handler to pretend that the user pressed "Retry".
This will continue with what would have happened if there were no
debug hook, such as actually abort()ing the process.
parent e67ed8ef
......@@ -4666,8 +4666,12 @@ void SystemTools::ClassFinalize()
# include <stdlib.h>
static int SystemToolsDebugReport(int, char* message, int*)
static int SystemToolsDebugReport(int, char* message, int* ret)
if (ret) {
// Pretend user clicked on Retry button in popup.
*ret = 1;
fprintf(stderr, "%s", message);
return 1; // no further reporting required
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