Commit 093eae34 authored by Sean McBride's avatar Sean McBride Committed by Brad King
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SystemInformation: Fix -Wswitch-enum warnings

Change-Id: Iaa8fda477e06f32f8a1fd7305374d9c6d192a521
parent 20f50727
......@@ -1824,6 +1824,7 @@ const char * SystemInformationImplementation::GetVendorID()
return "Motorola";
case HP:
return "Hewlett-Packard";
case UnknownManufacturer:
return "Unknown Manufacturer";
......@@ -3065,6 +3066,12 @@ bool SystemInformationImplementation::RetrieveClassicalCPUIdentity()
case NSC:
this->ChipID.ProcessorName = "Cx486SLC \\ DLC \\ Cx486S A-Step";
case Sun:
case IBM:
case Motorola:
case HP:
case UnknownManufacturer:
this->ChipID.ProcessorName = "Unknown family"; // We cannot identify the processor.
return false;
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