Commit 65c5ac8d authored by Min Kim's avatar Min Kim
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gitlab: support milestone queries

parent 5519edf4
......@@ -671,6 +671,16 @@ impl Gitlab {
self.get(&format!("projects/{}/labels/{}", project, label))
/// Get the milestones for a project.
pub fn milestones(&self, project: ProjectId) -> Result<Vec<Milestone>> {
self.get_paged(&format!("projects/{}/milestones", project))
/// Get milestone by ID.
pub fn milestone(&self, project: ProjectId, milestone: MilestoneId) -> Result<Milestone> {
self.get(&format!("projects/{}/milestones/{}", project, milestone))
/// Get the issues for a project.
pub fn issues<I, K, V>(&self, project: ProjectId, params: I) -> Result<Vec<Issue>>
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