Commit 90d643c3 authored by Sebastian Holtermann's avatar Sebastian Holtermann Committed by Brad King
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Autogen: Fix ambiguity in header file detection on Windows

On Windows, `CollapseFullPath` called with a path that ends with a dot
might return a file with the same base name but any extension.
To make sure we get only the file with the requested header extension,
pass the complete file name to `CollapseFullPath`.

Fixes: #19892
parent 92780281
......@@ -1342,10 +1342,9 @@ bool cmQtAutoMocUicT::JobEvalCacheMocT::FindIncludedHeader(
auto findHeader = [this,
&headerHandle](std::string const& basePath) -> bool {
bool found = false;
std::string const baseCollapsed =
this->Gen()->CollapseFullPathTS(cmStrCat(basePath, '.'));
for (std::string const& ext : this->BaseConst().HeaderExtensions) {
std::string const testPath = cmStrCat(baseCollapsed, ext);
std::string const testPath =
this->Gen()->CollapseFullPathTS(cmStrCat(basePath, '.', ext));
cmFileTime fileTime;
if (!fileTime.Load(testPath)) {
// File not found
......@@ -1377,8 +1376,7 @@ bool cmQtAutoMocUicT::JobEvalCacheMocT::FindIncludedHeader(
if (!found) {
return found;
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