Commit f3b923a5 authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland
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Temporarily remove UnitTestParticleAdvection.cxx from CUDA tests

The CUDA compiler is giving us grief while compiling
UnitTestParticleAdvection.cxx even though the code is correct. Disable
it for now until we figure out what can be done with the compiler.
parent 723792a4
......@@ -94,5 +94,9 @@ if (TARGET vtkm::openmp)
vtkm_unit_tests(NAME Worklets BACKEND OPENMP SOURCES ${unit_tests})
if (TARGET vtkm::cuda)
# TODO: This test has been temporarily removed from CUDA because of problems with the compiler.
# This should be re-added (i.e. the line taking the test out removed) as soon as the issues with
# the compiler are resolved.
list(REMOVE_ITEM unit_tests UnitTestParticleAdvection.cxx)
vtkm_unit_tests(NAME Worklets BACKEND CUDA SOURCES ${unit_tests})
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