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      ENH: Reinstate Remote modules. · 60c6ddb3
      Bill Lorensen authored
      The new vtk module system required changes to
      vtkModuleRemote.cmake. The old system used a cmake option,
      Build_modulename:BOOL ON/OFF to enable a remote module. The new module
      system uses a cmake variable, VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK with values YES,
      Also, CMakeLists.txt now includes add_subdirectory(Remote) and the Remote directory is added to vtk_source_directories.
      To test the new remote macros, we enabled three remote modules:
      PoissonReconstruction, Powercrust and SplineDrivenImageSlicer.
      The WikiExamples are no longer available as a remote module. They will instead be added as an external project in the future, WikiExamples.remote.cmake has been removed.
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      ENH: Bump PoissonRecontruction version · ee2885c2
      Bill Lorensen authored
      The PoissonReconstruction remote module has recently been refactored to
      be a cleaner remote module. The previous version tried to be both a
      remote module and a stand alone library.
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      ENH: Remote module capability · ef927f02
      Bill Lorensen authored
      A preliminary implementation of Remote modules. This approach follows
      the ITK implementation.
      Three remote modules are included for testing
       David Doria's Poissoin Reconstruction, David Gobbi's vtkDICOM and Slicer's vtkAddon.
      To configure vtk with these remote modules:
      cmake -DvtkAddon:BOOL=ON -DModule_PoissonReconstruction:BOOL=ON -DModule_vtkDICOM:BOOL=ON vtk_source_dir