Commit ee2885c2 authored by Bill Lorensen's avatar Bill Lorensen

ENH: Bump PoissonRecontruction version

The PoissonReconstruction remote module has recently been refactored to
be a cleaner remote module. The previous version tried to be both a
remote module and a stand alone library.
parent ff46864b
......@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@
"Poisson Surface reconstruction from unorganized points"
# July 5, 2015 - first working as a remote module
GIT_TAG a3fdb529774d48329a2e807e542f2fe589060ccb
# September 7, 2017 - refactored remote module
GIT_TAG 137d751c218ffbd946e9b9de6c108666af54c2d3
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