Commit a057249c authored by Bill Lorensen's avatar Bill Lorensen

ENH: Introduce the new VTKExamples Remote module

The WikiExamples remote module will now reference the new VTKExamples
git repository. Users who have enabled the old WikiExamples remote
module will need to remove the Remote/WikiExamples directory.

Rather than create a new remote, we use the existing remote module
name to discourage users from accessing the old wiki
examples. Although the old examples still exist, they will no longer
be supported.
parent 40bbad29
......@@ -6,14 +6,14 @@
# If the environement var WikiExamplesTag exists, use it
if (NOT DEFINED ENV{WikiExamplesTag})
# April 5, 2017
set(GIT_TAG 82917c9afd5982cfa15e4be561dd708feed28394)
# June 25, 2017
set(GIT_TAG ad4b196c719e511c7e90632f58272248a465c931)
set(GIT_TAG $ENV{WikiExamplesTag})
"A collection of examples that illustrate how to use VTK."
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