Commit 50bcdabd authored by Shawn Waldon's avatar Shawn Waldon

windows: Add compile option for AcceleratorsVTKm to avoid obj sizelimits

parent 1eceee9e
......@@ -210,6 +210,12 @@ target_include_directories(vtkAcceleratorsVTKm PUBLIC ${VTKm_INCLUDE_DIRS})
vtk_module_link_libraries(vtkAcceleratorsVTKm LINK_PRIVATE ${VTKm_LIBRARIES})
target_compile_options(vtkAcceleratorsVTKm PRIVATE ${VTKm_COMPILE_OPTIONS})
# MSVC has limits on obj size that are exceeded by this module so we need
# a flag to ignore those limits
if (WIN32)
target_compile_options(vtkAcceleratorsVTKm PRIVATE /bigobj)
#install the required headers to make your own vtkm-vtk filter
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