Commit 3eead8a4 authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin

fix issues with order independent translucency_fixes

Two issues, the depth settings were left in an odd state and
when the default framebuffer was a msaa backed depth buffer
using fixed rep it failed. Added logic to guess float versus
fixed for the depth buffer.

Also cleaned up and simplified a bit as we were using a
texture that we didn't need to use.
parent d571d53e
......@@ -73,18 +73,6 @@ public:
std::string &fragmentShader,
vtkAbstractMapper *mapper,
vtkProp *prop) override;
bool SetShaderParameters(vtkShaderProgram *program,
vtkAbstractMapper *mapper, vtkProp *prop,
vtkOpenGLVertexArrayObject* VAO = nullptr) override;
// Set Opaque Z texture, this must be set from the outer FO if used
void SetOpaqueZTexture(vtkTextureObject *);
* Set the format to use for the depth texture
* e.g. vtkTextureObject::Float32
vtkSetMacro(DepthFormat, int);
......@@ -112,14 +100,9 @@ public:
vtkOpenGLFramebufferObject *Framebuffer;
vtkOpenGLQuadHelper *FinalBlend;
// obtained from the outer FO, we read from
vtkTextureObject *OpaqueZTexture;
bool OwnOpaqueZTexture;
vtkTextureObject *TranslucentRGBATexture;
vtkTextureObject *TranslucentRTexture;
vtkTextureObject *TranslucentZTexture;
int DepthFormat;
void BlendFinalPeel(vtkOpenGLRenderWindow *renWin);
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