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    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      ENH: Improving the comparative visualization view and gui. · 7f2bb569
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Improved the Comparative Viz panel making it easier to add parameter values for
      explicit locations in the comparative view.
      Improved vtkSMComparativeViewProxy to automatically update all the views each
      time it renders.
      Added mechanism to ServerManager to write Proxies that don't provide the
      traditional properties API and yet participate in state save/restore and
      undo/redo. Look at vtkSMComparativeAnimationCueProxy as an example.
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    • Jeff Baumes's avatar
      ENH: Adding general hover support to rendered views. · aca5ce64
      Jeff Baumes authored
       - Using vtkHardwareSelector to capture the cell ids on the screen at any
         given time. This is reused as hover events occur.
       - Using vtkHoverWidget to receive timeout events when the mouse hasn't
         moved, and update the hover text then.
       - Added more functionality to vtkHardwareSelector to be able to query
         regions within the captured area (for drag selections) and being able
         to search out from a point to a given threshold distance for a cell
         (for hover text).
       - Added vertex and edge hovering to graph layout view, and edge hovering
         to tree area views.
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    • Jeff Baumes's avatar
      BUG: Fixing several bugs related to new views · de460148
      Jeff Baumes authored
      Updating a view used to cause the view to render. Now, rendering the
      view causes the view to update. This simplifies making sure views are
      up-to-date, but required some changes.
       - ClientGeoView/2D plugins now execute Render on the view instead of
       - ClientGeoView/2D Initialize() warning is now fixed.
       - vtkCommand has a new event (ComputeVisiblePropBoundsEvent). This is
         called when vtkRenderer::ComputeVisiblePropBoundsEvent is called.
         vtkRenderView now listens for this event, along with vtkRenderer's
         StartEvent, so it can catch (almost?) all indications that the
         pipeline is about to be updated. vtkRenderView (and all its
         representations) now correctly update before pipeline updates.
       - Some geovis tests needed to be updated to make sure the view is
         rendered correctly with these changes.
       - vtkGeoView/2D need to call superclass's PrepareForRendering.
       - vtkConvertSelection had some memory bugs, and was not handling all
         cases correctly.
       - vtkRenderView subclasses needed to be more careful about making sure
         pipeline is valid at every stage, including when the selection
         connection is temporarily NULL.
       - vtkView no longer has the hack that calls Update on representations
         before they are added to the view.
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    • David Cole's avatar
      ENH: Merge changes from main tree into VTK-5-0 branch. (cvs -q up -j1.45... · c8b2790e
      David Cole authored
      ENH: Merge changes from main tree into VTK-5-0 branch. (cvs -q up -j1.45 -j1.46 Common/vtkCommand.cxx) (cvs -q up -j1.65 -j1.66 Common/vtkCommand.h) (copies of Common/vtkObject.cxx r1.102, Common/vtkObject.h r1.102 and Rendering/vtkInteractorEventRecorder.cxx r1.14) then removed references to the interactor's HandleEventLoop member since it does not exist in VTK-5-0
    • Jeff Baumes's avatar
      ENH: Add a PassiveObserver flag to vtkCommand. Passive observers do not... · 90d2aea5
      Jeff Baumes authored
      ENH: Add a PassiveObserver flag to vtkCommand.  Passive observers do not change the system state, and always get events, even if another command has focus.  Change vtkObject to process passive observers first.
      ENH: Change vtkInteractorEventRecorder to have PassiveObserver commands.
      ENH: Change InteractorStyleTreeMapHover to use the vtkInteractorEventRecorder.
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    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      BUG: To ensure that the vtkOutputWindow in use was deleted before program · b729872d
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      exit, the destructor of an object instantiated in the global scope deleted
      the vtkOutputWindow in use.  This was guaranteed to run before the program
      completely exited, but may not have been run before the vtkDebugLeaks
      classes were cleaned up.  To force the proper order of deletetion,
      vtkDebugLeaks now holds a list of "cleanup" commands that are run right
      before it reports any leaks.  The mechanism is now used to delete the
      in use output window.