1. 02 Nov, 2010 1 commit
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      Fix issue of GetBounds() computing the wrong bounds for non-Linear user matrx · 9a18b4cc
      Rusty Blue authored
      A non-trivial last row of a user matrix (or transform) (something other than
      [0 0 0 1]) is used correctly by OpenGL, but the GetBounds calculation in
      vtkActor (as well as vtkImageActor and vtkVolume) used
      this->Transform->TransformPoint() to trasnform the bbox from the mapper.  As
      this->Transform is a vtkLinearTransform, the final row of the matrix is ignored
      within TransformPoint (actually vtkLinearTransform::InternalTransformPoint(),
      which is what is ultimately called).  Instead, we now use
      vtkMatrix4x4::MultiplyPoint() to do the transformation.
      Note, this change also includes  "cleanup" of several lines before and after
      the for loop where we trasnform the points (within GetBounds() fn), replacing
      the, with just this->ComputeMatrix().  This is a subset of what was removed,
      as it was being called by this->GetMatrix(), but also note that internally
      vtkProp3D::ComputeMatrix() does a Push() and Pop() on this->Transform just
      as was done in the code that was removed.  There is a potential issue (I'm
      looking for an extra set of eyes, or many eyes, to scrutinize) with the
      GetOrientation() call (in ComputeMatrix()), which occurs before Push() and
      which might screw things up since it results in vtkTransform::InternalUpdate()
      which might mess up the Concatentation if doTheLegacyHack == true.  Even if
      it is a (potential) problem, moving Push() before GetOrientation() (in
      ComputeMatrix()) should (I believe) rectify the potential for a problem,
      though I did NOT make that change... yet (waiting for feedback)
      Change-Id: I122940f1c2142d4c64502a8a54c44a4e18bdc124
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