1. 09 Apr, 2015 5 commits
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      Update baselines. · 1942a721
      David C. Lonie authored
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      Remove the RenderingFreeTypeOpenGL module. · 4f7460a5
      David C. Lonie authored
      This is not supported by the new OpenGL2 backend, and doesn't support
      new text features, like MathText, FontConfig, or custom font files.
      It only implements vtkTextMapper, which now will use a texture-based
      implementation, similar to vtkTextActor and friends.
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      Align to a fixed-height font bbox, rather than a "tight" one. · 953d3b7c
      David C. Lonie authored
      I used to move the alignment point onto the edge of the rendered
      text, but this lead to some layout issues, including a particularly
      nasty possibility of having a label rendered outside of a constrained
      bounding box.
      This should be made an option at some point (a tight alignment property
      on vtkTextProperty perhaps?), as it does look nicer on certain centered
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      Update vtkTextMapper's alignment to match current conventions. · 9175559c
      David C. Lonie authored
      I missed this when I was updating the text actors to better support
      rotations + alignments. Basically, now we anchor the texture's image
      extent index <0, 0, 0> to the mapper/actor's position to get "proper"
      Also add a bit to ensure that this is exported properly by GL2PS and
      prevent errors from converting NULL to std::string.
      These features are tested by a test added in a later patch, in this
      branch, as the other TextMapper implementation is still used by default
      at this point.
  2. 08 Apr, 2015 7 commits
  3. 06 Apr, 2015 7 commits
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      Account for window position when drawing in external context · 67bfb78e
      Sankhesh Jhaveri authored
      In the VTK world display coordinates are with reference to the
      VTK window origin and size. However, when rendering in an
      external context, the display coordinates should consider the
      whole context origin and size.
      This change fixes the issue where all VTK rendering was happening
      on the left side of a VRUI stereo window.
    • Sankhesh Jhaveri's avatar
      Added ability to automatically resize external window · 1fd0e34b
      Sankhesh Jhaveri authored
      Added a boolean that enables/disables querying the OpenGL state for
      viewport size. By default, the viewport size is queried at the start
      of each frame and the VTK window is resized based on the query result.
    • Sankhesh Jhaveri's avatar
      Changed GLUT test to remove VTK lights · c5c0794f
      Sankhesh Jhaveri authored
      With the external lighting change, VTK external renderer does not
      support any VTK lights. This change enables the GLUT test to
      create OpenGL lights and adds a new baseline.
    • Sankhesh Jhaveri's avatar
      Set spot parameters on the newly created lights · e7b5c093
      Sankhesh Jhaveri authored
      Query spot parameters on the OpenGL light from the OpenGL state
      and set it on the VTK light.
    • Sankhesh Jhaveri's avatar
      Fix lights issue in external render environments · bb59caeb
      Sankhesh Jhaveri authored
      With this change, the external VTK renderer disables automatic light
      creation. In each frame, OpenGL lights are queried from the OpenGL
      state and a new headlight is added in VTK for each enabled OpenGL
      light. This way VTK objects in the scene are lit with lights from the
      external OpenGL application.
      NOTE: VTK lights created in the pipeline are discarded and only
      the externally created OpenGL lights are regarded.
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      Removed many unneeded null checks before delete · 5678f1cb
      Sean McBride authored
      Also removed some dead code as a consequence,
      like setting the deallocated pointer to null
      then to a new address.
      Also removed setting some ivars to null in dtors.
    • Sean McBride's avatar
      Modernized Cocoa code to use NSTrackingArea · d9ec645c
      Sean McBride authored
      NSTrackingArea long ago replaced older APIs
      used before this.  We still work back to 10.5
      even after this change.  Code affects mouse cursor
      shape changes.
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